About Me


I see life through an ever changing kaleidoscope of colour, movement and mystery. I was first introduced to art during my schooldays. It lay dormant thereafter as I pursued my medical career, married and raised my family.
The spirits were conspiring in my favour, I was always fascinated by the power of colour and in awe of art, and was introduced to art classes through a friend in 2005.
As I hesitated, brush in hand, I felt the exhilaration of my inner-self come to life.


The chrysalis emerged into a butterfly. Over many years of art practice, I perfected my art. It is still a work in progress.

People became aware of my art, their awe, admiration and demand for my work fascinated me. This opened up a whole new chapter in my life.
This new chapter has resulted in new friendships being forged. Friendships with like-minded people, who inspire me with their attitude to life, their constant encouragement and support resulting in a new found confidence in myself and to these special people I say “Thank you”.

Eoin's Summer Meadow


Three years ago, as life presented me with the opportunity to pursue my art practice, I decided to paint full-time, and I intend to exhibit my work and launch my Art Business, thus developing my website.

Going Forward

My plan is to reflect my view of life through my art creations, to you the viewer. My wish for you all, is that my artwork will, will spark a precious memory and touch a special moment in your lives.

My work is available in Original Oils, acrylic paintings and limited editions of Giclee artist quality prints and cards, presented on Hahmamuelle Paper. I also paint commissions, be it a photographic memory, or a special moment in your life.

My Original Oil paintings are presented in a high quality wooden frame. My prints come in varying sizes, they can be shipped in a tube, or presented in a choice of coloured frames. Colours of frames are Grey, White & Black; Measurements 22mmx22mm cubed in a variety of different sizes to accommodate your space.


My Work

The many styles of art I express myself in are:

  • Realism.
  • Expressionism.
  • Abstract.
  • Styles of The Old Masters.

I’m inspired by my surroundings, living on “The Wild Atlantic Way”, in my beloved Galway, Ireland. Being among friends and people and making wonderful memories on my travels.

Colour plays a big factor in my creativity, I’m aware of the joy it brings to a person and how it lights up a room, from bright vivid colours, to subtle shades to quite the surrounding environment.

Nature inspires me daily, the ever changing seasons;
The rebirth of Spring, melting into Summer. Summer painting it’s wonderful palette of colourful cascading floral displays, wrapped in its warmth and light. Merging into Autumnal hues of golds, browns and russets, with chestnuts falling from trees on forest walks. The trees gnarled over millenniums into unusual shapes. If only they could speak. The stories they would weave.

Autumn shivering it’s way to winter, yielding to cold snowy days of pristine whites. Wrapping up warm against the cold weather. Sitting by the fireside, reflecting in the warm glow of candle-light, illuminating it’s magic into my heart and mind. Listening to the chatter of little children in anticipation of Santa’s visit on Christmas morn.

I’m amazed that I have been blind to the beauty of life in the world, until my artistic eye was cultivated. I hope you, the viewer of my art, will appreciate my interpretation on canvas.

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