Inspiration in Spain

I’m never too far away from my easel and paints even when I’m on holidays. On my recent holiday in Spain I found inspiration on my daily walks along the beaches that straddle the shoreline. It was a beautiful sunny evening and the sun worshipers had left the beach, I decided to cease the day! or evening! The beach was quiet, it was a golden opportunity and the sense of calm with the balmy breeze blowing gently, cooling the day, seemed like the perfect time. I set up my easel with the help of my hubby Larry. Larry is my best supporter and is always on hand to take photos and videos for my art page and website.

I always sketch my composition on the canvas before I begin painting. Moving on to the next stage, I underpaint the painting which gives me a sense of direction. Then the magic happens. My painting comes to life, and the real work begins, and my creation evolves.

Looking at the photos of my painting day, reminds me of how therapeutic and relaxing it is. It’s a gift to be able to stay in the moment and live in the now. Painting allows me to do this of which I’m so thankful for. I find it so enriching and is food for the soul.

We stayed on the beach working on the painting, Larry taking photos as I painted, not forgetting to take his forty winks! I couldn’t blame him, as the sound of waves lapping on the shore, would send anyone off to dreamland.

As the evening cooled, we decided to call it a day. As I write, I’m planning on putting the finishing touches to the painting.

So until we chat again,
“Live well
Laugh often and
Love much”.


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