Ladies of the Sea


Ladies of the sea is presented in a high quality wooden off-white frame, measuring 34″ x 54″ and ready to hang. It is painted with oils on canvas. The scene is set off the Connemara coast, with rugged landscape in the background. Enhanced by a typically moody western sky with a mauve, bluish and grey hues and tones.

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Storm Jorge caused major havoc, major disruption and wettest February on record. We who live on the “Wild Atlantic Way” on the Galway coastline, are used to storms. I wanted to pay homage to the wonderful boat, the Galway Hooker (Irish huiceir) and immortalise it on canvas. The hooker is a sturdy traditional fishing boat used in Galway Bay, off the west coast of Ireland. The hooker was developed for the strong sea there. So I decided to paint these beautiful ladies in all their glory, sailing in stormy seas. It is identified by it’s sharp, clean entry, bluff bow. It’s sail plan consists of a single sail and two foresails. Traditionally , the boat is black (being coated in pitch) and the sails are dark-red and dark-brown.


34" x 54" presented in a high quality wooden of-white frame

Ladies of the Sea

34" x 54" presented in a high quality wooden off-white frame.

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