Seamus Heaney


Oil on wood panel presented in a high quality wooden frame .

Framed size 39cms x 49.5cms

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Seamus Heaney, shortly before he passed from this life. His poetry always touched my heart, as I always drew comfort from his words he weaved onto paper. This is my tribute to him, painted after his passing. Oil on board, painted with the brush. His poetic words are so touching. Here is one of my favourite poems he wrote.

Lovers On Aran.

The timeless waves, bright, stifing, broken glass.
Came dazzling around , into the rocks ,
Came glinting, sifting from the Americas

To possess Aran. Or did Aran rush
to throw wide arms of rock around a tide
That yielded with an ebb, with a soft crash?

Did sea define the land or land sea?
Each drew new meaning from the waves’ collision .
Sea broke on land of full identity.

I love this poem as Im a west of Ireland woman, living on the “Wild Atlantic Way”



Original Size

39cms x 49.5cms

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